Rolex Explorer II 1655 “Freccione straight hand”


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The best Explorer we ever offered to the public. This 1655 is from 1972 and has the much sought-after, “Straight hand”. The MK1 dial aged beautifully and the tritium is showing strong patina yet the dial is very bright and clear. The case reflects the great condition with its thick lugs. The original bracelet from 1972 is still attached to it and from the looks of it the watch is not often worn by the previous owner.

Rolex Explorer II

Another chapter of the Explorer story was added in 1971 with the release of the Explorer II. Bigger and different in design, but just like the Explorer I it was a sturdy watch produced in steel and up for a challenge. A very specific challenge as it was intended for use by speleologists. It has an extra hour hand reading against the fixed, 24 hour scale, bezel to distinguish day from night. Might come in handy when you spend hours and hours in the darkness of caves. Even if you spend most of the time in daylight you won’t be disappointed by this awesome watch.

REF. 1655

The first Explorer II model was the ref 1655 AKA ‘Freccione’. It was fitted with either the 1570 or 1575 movement. The 1655’s design was strongly influenced by the early 1970’s and is often associated with the ever so cool Steve McQueen (It even adopted the nickname “The Steve McQueen”, however not a single picture can be found with him wearing the watch). The first Explorer II reference is a watch that shouldn’t be missing in the collection of a serious Rolex aficionado.



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