Breitling Navitimer 7806

Breitling Navitimer

A historical important piece associated with aviation. The first Navitimer, reference 806, was released in the early ’50s and was the second slide-rule chronograph Breitling brought to the market (after the success of the Chronomat). The name was taken from the words ‘navigation’ and ‘timer’. Pilots were highly respected in the early years of aviation and Breitling looked forward to link this new model to them. The brand even used the AOPA logo (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) on their very first models. Their marketing strategy paid off and Breitling became the official supplier of on-board measuring instruments for all notable aircraft companies.

Over the years, this model has been adapted to meet the current demands of the watch market and came in many variations. It is still the watch of choice for pilots from all over the world. Many Air-Forces even use it as regular equipment for their pilots. John Travolta, pilot and owner of 2 airplanes, is one of the most famous wearers and an ambassador for the brand. Don’t worry, however, if you’re not John Travolta or don’t own an airplane, because with this piece of history on your wrist you are unbeatable.

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