Heuer Bundeswehr 1550 SG

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A pilot’s instrument issued by one of the strongest and well-equipped, mid-century armed forces. The Heuer-Leonidas Bundeswehr Chronograph, better known as the Heuer Bund.This particular piece dates from the year 1970 has a case size of 43 mm and is most likely not been military issued as it’s from the 70’s and not equipped with an military engraved case back. Fortunately enough, this doesn’t spoil the fun as it is a freaking awesome watch!The watch runs on the Valjoux calibre 230 and is equipped with a ‘Flyback’ chronograph. Thanks to this feature the chronograph hand starts running again immediately after pushing down the ‘reset’ pusher instead of stopping it first. This was perfect for pilots in combination with the ‘Elapsed time’ bezel so they could time consecutive measurements.The story tells that the ‘Bund strap’ where the watch is equipped with was created to prevent soldiers from burn marks on their arms in cases of fire while the steel case backs conduct heat way easier than the leather. Whether this is the truth or not it is definitely a good story and looks amazing on the watch. 


Heuer was founded by Edouard Heuer in the year 1860 in St-Imier, Switzerland. In the early 60's from the 20th century Heuer acquired the Leonidas brand and the combined company started creating watches under the Heuer-Leonidas name. The Heuer-Leonidas 'Bundeswehr' was one of the first watches where Heuer used a Leonidas design'.



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