Heuer Monaco 1533G


The reference 1533 was launched in 1972 as an economy version of the 1133. The ‘G’ stands for grey meaning that this is the configuration with the grey dial (which looks silver) with red details.   

The 1533 was produced for only one year and therefore it is pretty rare. It’s quite common to find them with an 1133-stamped case because Heuer still had these old cases left. It’s an iconic piece with a typical, futuristic ’70s design that has a wide-spread fanbase and was very important for the history of watches. The watch is powered by calibre 15, which is the simpler, lower-priced version of 1133’s calibre 11. The reason for this economy version is that in 1971, the U.S. dollar depreciated significantly against the Swiss Franc, which caused the price of Swiss watches to rise by 40%! Swiss watch export plunged by nearly 2%. Therefore, Heuer introduced a $170-version of its most iconic piece. It can easily be distinguished from the calibre 11 watches by the crosshair sub dial at the 10-hour position. This piece was bought from a vintage Heuer collector and he took excellent care of it. The chronograph function runs smoothly, the case is strong and has greatly preserved its sharp edges.

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