IWC Ingenieur 666

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Imagine a dapper fella with a PhD in engineering walking into the CERN particle accelerator in the 1960s. That guy wouldn't be wearing just any old watch. No, Sir... He'd likely have strapped this amazing antimagnetic IWC Ingenieur ref. 666 on!This mid-1960s Ingenieur still sports the original dressy pre-Gerald Genta design. The 36.5mm steel case is still in sharp condition and comes with the original fish-engraved crown. The beautiful silver-colored sunburst dial, with the characteristic lightning bolt Ingenieur logo, in absolutely perfect condition. Both the tritium hour plots and the tritium filling in the dauphine hands have turned a charming custard color. And if all this isn't enough for you, the watch even comes with the original 7-link IWC bracelet produced by Gay Frère and an extract from the IWC archives! 


IWC IngenieurIn the 1950s an increasing number of elector appliances were making their way into ordinary households. These generated magnetic fields that adversely affected the accuracy of wristwatches. Engineers, in particular, often worked in areas subject to magnetic fields. Making a new watch line especially for this profession seemed like a good idea. The lightning bolt, a physical symbol for electricity, became the signature for a new watch class named after its main target group: the Ingenieur. IWC had perfected protection against magnetic fields with the help of a soft-iron inner case including a soft-iron dial.The first Ingenieur, unveiled in 1955, was in several respects a quantum leap for watchmaking. It was only with the Ingenieur watch that IWC catapulted itself into the vanguard of Swiss manufacturers. No wonder Edmund Hillary chose the Ingenieur to accompany him on his conquest of the world's highest peaks.



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