IWC Ingenieur 666AD

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Historically significant model with a mind-blowing story!Any IWC collector is well aware of the rarity. The black dialed Ingenieurs don't come around often, and when they do show up; 9 out of 10 times the dial is either re-finished or replaced with a service dial. This 666AD still sports its original and immaculate dial with white printing and "Ingenieur" logo applied in metal, matching well with the date aperture. Although aged in the past 57 years, most tritium plots are still intact and are obviously matching the handset. The case appears to be perfect and goes excellent with the "Beads-of-rice" bracelet by Gay Freres for IWC. Add the original crown, date disc and box and I think it is fair to conclude this might be the best 666 on the market, or in the world for that matter! By now you are probably convinced by the watch itself, but wait until you hear the story behind it.After buying this watch from an interesting gentleman called Bram, he came up with the most amazing story on how he obtained it back in the 60's. He and his grandmother got it gifted from someone they first believed to be homeless. He was in need of help and they provided it to him, ending up with a shoebox filled with cash and this watch, covered in feces however. Apparently the guy wasn't a bum, quite the contrary; he was a very wealthy man but his life spiralled out of control after losing his wife. She was a well-known character in The Hague, going by the name of "Blonde Dolly", and numerous books & movies where written about her and her death by murder.After receiving and cleaning the watch, he barely wore it since it stopped a few years later. It then spent most of its time in a drawer. Bram stayed fascinated with watches and found our channel on YouTube (where we recently uploaded this story with additional photo's) and decided to reach out and offer us this specimen because of his declining health. Now as you can understand, we are very grateful to offer our clientele this important piece.


IWC IngenieurIn the 1950s an increasing number of elector appliances were making their way into ordinary households. These generated magnetic fields that adversely affected the accuracy of wristwatches. Engineers, in particular, often worked in areas subject to magnetic fields. Making a new watch line especially for this profession seemed like a good idea. The lightning bolt, a physical symbol for electricity, became the signature for a new watch class named after its main target group: the Ingenieur. IWC had perfected protection against magnetic fields with the help of a soft-iron inner case including a soft-iron dial.The first Ingenieur, unveiled in 1955, was in several respects a quantum leap for watchmaking. It was only with the Ingenieur watch that IWC catapulted itself into the vanguard of Swiss manufacturers. No wonder Edmund Hillary chose the Ingenieur to accompany him on his conquest of the world’s highest peaks.



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