Patek Philippe Calatrava 2511 ‘Oversized’


Elegance, purity, functionality. 

The Calatrava. An entity that stands separate from all other watches. A model  that we at Amsterdam Vintage Watches truly hold dear. This Patek Philippe reference 2511 is no exception. This oversized dress watch was born in 1953 and it’s oversized because the case diameter measures approximately 36mm. We already hear you saying: “36? That’s not so big.” Indeed, nowadays 36mm is considered small but back in the days, during the 50s, 36mm was gigantic. The normal size for a Calatrava – reference 96, for example – was 31mm. Bigger ones, that were introduced slightly later, measured 35.5mm max. So, introducing a dress watch that was even larger than the big models was quite a bold move of Patek Philippe. Nevertheless, it turned out great! This beautiful, elegant dress watch is made from 18k rose gold and has such a distinctive design. The bezel has a very special, fine and rare finish (and no, it’s not the well-known Clous de Paris) which was in contrast to the Bauhaus principles “form follows function” that were adhered to for the desings of the earlier Calatrava’s. The lugs arew straight and have a very unique shape. This handwinder is powered by caliber 12-400 and it comes with the Extracts from the Archives.

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