Patek Philippe Solar Clock 815

This Patek Philippe Solar Table clock from 1970 is accompanied by the Extract from the Archives under reference 815. There is little to be found on this reference but there are beliefs that only 5 have been produced between 1965 and 1975. One of them saw the market in 2007 during a Christies Auction and fetched $20.000,- We are happy to feature this perfectly preserved example that only knew one owner in its history. 
The clock itself is a real conversation piece and is made out of gilded brass. Besides the case decorations we enjoy the elegantly painted Arabic numerals in combination with the hands. The housing is magnificent but a look under the hood provides us interesting information. A Swiss patent was awarded to Patek Philippe for clocks fitted with photo-electric cells. Patek Philippe’s idea for a light-powered horological mechanism was to introduce additional electronic storage – an accumulator that provides the energy to wind the spring. With its use of 17″250 photo-electric cell it’s possible to store the energy electronically in the accumulator, or mechanically by winding the spring. When the mechanism is fully wound, the cells switch over to charge the accumulator.
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