Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5065J Full Set


The period from 1994 to 2000 were characterized by enormous growth in the use of internet. Also, a growing number of particularly young people started making profit of this ‘dot-com boom’. Young millionaires popped up from nowhere and were keen to spend their income on luxury goods, like houses, cars and watches. Many traditional, luxury brands launched products geared towards this new, young, more casual audience. Among these brands was Patek Philippe that launched the Aquanaut in 1997. The perfect watch for this new demand.

In 1999, one year after the introduction of the ‘Jumbo’ reference 5065A, the yellow-gold version under reference 5065J was introduced. Just like its steel brother, it has the a porthole-inspired octagonal bezel with alternating satin-brushed and highly-polished finishes, and the highly-polished case. It also came on a tropic strap. However, for the young, rich guys that didn’t fancy the rubber strap and wanted something bolder, there was also the option of an outrageous, yellow-gold bracelet. You might wonder why. Well, just imagine the scene: you’re a single, good-looking, well-dressed guy in your twenties or early thirties, popular with the women, living lavishly under the sun of California and making millions of dollars. Exactly, there’s no other option than the yellow-gold bracelet. The one we have on offer dates back to 2000 and therefore already has luminova indices and hands. It runs on the self-winding calibre 315 SC, which is exposed through the sapphire crystal caseback. Top of the bill, it comes as a full set.

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