Patek Philippe Nautilus 3800/1 'Bicolor'

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Name a gold and steel watch that looks as fine as this one.

That's hard, isn't it? Maybe the 3700AJ, the bicolor Patek Philippe Nautilus a.k.a. Jumbo. However, we can imagine that this one might be a little too big for your wrist. Therefore, its smaller brother, the 3800 with a case diameter of 37.5mm, might be the perfect watch for you! The Patek Philippe Nautilus 3700 was introduced in 1976 and it was a game changer. Why? Basically, because there existed two categories of watches: luxury dress watches and steel sports watches. The Nautilus was a combination of both. The reference 3800 was introduced 5 years later, in 1981, as a mid-size version of the Nautilus. At that time many people just thought that the 3700 was too big.

The piece that we have in stock right now is a marvelous work of art. The 18k yellow-gold bezel with its brushed finish and highly-polished edges looks incredible in combination with the steel case and crisp white dial. A white dialed Nautilus is somewhat of a rarity, albeit Patek making different varieties. The so-called 'Blanc Ceramique' is perhaps the most well-known white Nautilus dial, but that lacks the characteristic embossed horizontal bars. The variety we have here does have the famous tapestry and this creates a beautiful depth to the dial, mainly due to the small colour difference in the horizontal bars. The tritium in the markers enhances its vintage character as it is discoloured to a very warm hue. The hands are also original tritium but, as is often times the case, discoloured differently and remain less yellow but are more cream coloured.

The watch is powered by Patek Philippe's automatic caliber 335 SC. It still has the original and early crown without Calatrava logo and the bracelet is made of stainless steel and its center links are made of 18k yellow gold. Notably the bracelet remains in great condition and is virtually stretch free. The entire watch is still pristine and comes with the original box and the certificate of origin, which isn't filled in with a date, but approximately dates it back to 1990.



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