AVW brown Crocodile strap

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Only the finest leather meets our demands and therefore we exclusively sell crocodile straps. The crocodile skin is hand-stitched to kauchuk, which provides a long-lasting and comfortable feeling. In order for us to refer to our products as the “finest design”, not only the skins, but also the handcrafted workmanship must live up to finer, more consistent standards. This also makes it a delight for connoisseurs to discover the many lovely details in our straps.Our high standards also apply in the watchstrap segment. Although this may seem like a simple product, it actually takes a surprisingly great deal of effort to achieve top quality. After all, as  many as 85 work steps are needed to complete a handmade watchstrap. This means that the craftsmen of our German-based manufacturer glue, stitch, grind, and sew with the constant goal of making a good thing even better. Given the ever-increasing demand from people who value honest, long-lasting quality, our results speak for themselves.Our premium crocodile strap is available in chocolate brown or black. We deliver them for lug-size 20mm to 18mm; all with a buckle size of 16mm. Please provide us the preferred buckle in the description of your order; either stainless steel or gold-plated. Shipping of this product is only available within EU due to exotic leather import regulations.


Packages are generally dispatched within 2 days after receipt of payment and are shipped within the Netherlands by Registered Mail through the Dutch carrier PostNL and for other countries by Fedex. Consult us if you prefer another method of shipping. For most destinations tracking is available.