Rolex Datejust 16000 “Cappuccino”

It’s time for a coffee break!

Many people around the world absolutely love the Rolex Datejust, and so do we! It’s such a stylish watch that has so much historical value and simply, looks great on anybody’s wrist. The domed bezel in combination with the oyster bracelet make this reference 16000 sportive. However, the cappuccino dial – a golden-brown coloured dial (coffee) with white texts (milk foam), hence, cappuccino dial – provide the watch with a classy look. This piece has the perfect case size of 36mm and it could be worn perfectly with both, a suit and a casual outfit. This specimen dates back to 1978 and features the quickset-date function (caliber 3035), which allows the user to set the date and time independently. The overall condition of the steel case and bracelet is very neat.

Grab yourself a cappuccino, sit back and admire the beautiful dial of this Datejust.

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