Rolex Day-Date 1803 ‘Pink’


By now, you should know that the Day-Date is only made in precious metals. The yellow-gold version is the most common one and we also come across the white-gold models quite often. However, eventhough many people absolutely love the warm tones of rose gold, we hardly ever see this type of gold on a Day-Date. 

Why is that? Well, for the very reason that Rolex stopped producing rose gold – also called pink gold – watches somewhere in the ’70s. The Swiss watch manufacturer – with exception of the Tridor – only started using rose-gold in watches again somewhere in the end of the ’90s. Accordingly, rose-gold Rolex watches were produced for a very short period of time and therefore are very rare. Fortunately, you guys got a plug for the finest watches. This reference 1803 dates back to 1968 and is powered by caliber 1556. We are crazy about the four-digit Day-Date references and we particularly like them when they come as vintage as possible. The classic characteristics we love are the silver pie pan dial and the plexi crystal. This watch comes on a leather strap of choice and in our opinion, the four-digit Day-Date references are the only Day-Date models looking cool on a leather strap. It instantly creates a very sophisticated look. A cool detail: the watch comes with an original 18k rose-gold Rolex buckle.

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