Rolex Day-Date 18038 ‘Wood Dial’ Full Set

Bur, burr or burl wood is outgrowth on a tree often in the form of a knot. These knots are caused by growth in a deformed manner, which is in turn caused by disrupted hormones. It appears ugly on the outside but magnificent on the inside: instead of perfect growth rings, the nerfs twist, twirl, spiral and swirl each in their own way creating a highly-unique pattern of wood grain. Thanks to its distinctive look, bur wood is often used for decoration and also for Rolex wood dials.

The Day-Date we can offer you dates back to 1982, has reference 18038 meaning it has a single-quickset function (caliber 3055) and an 18k yellow-gold fluted bezel. The case, which measures 36 mm, and the President bracelet, with concealed clasp, are from 18k yellow gold too and are both in mint condition. The watch comes as a full set and has been kept in great condition by the original owner (who had inherited the watch from the first owner). This specific wood dial appears to be darker than most other ones we have seen so far, which provides the watch with a very luxurious appearance. The day disc is English and we can imagine how stylish the new owner probably will be when he matches the wood of his new Presidential Rolex dial with the wood of the interior of his Rolls-Royce.

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