Rolex Day-Date 1804 'Turquoise Stella'

Museum Piece
The very essence of luxurious time-keeping, provided with a day and date function.
The Rolex design team must’ve been dabbling into psychedelic drugs when they came up with the funky-colored stella dials for the luxurious Day-Date.

During the 1970s and 1980s Rolex offered brightly colored lacquered dials, nicknamed ‘Stella’ by Italian collectors, as an option for the Day-Date. These dials weren’t particularly popular. After all, you had to be a gentleman (or lady) of considerable means to be able to afford a Day-Date and it was unlikely that a person of that stature would wear a gold watch with such a loud and ‘gaudy’ dial. As a result, Stella dial Day-Dates are very collectible nowadays.

This 1804 features a beautiful turquoise dial. While a Stella dial is an uncommon sight any day of the week, this dial is outright special since it’s made for a white gold Day-Date (evidenced by the 18k white gold Rolex coronet) and features factory set diamond indices. The 36 mm 18k white gold case carries the special reference number 1804, with the ‘4’ indicating that the bezel is factory set with diamonds as well.

This icy stella Day-Date was produced in 1978 and comes on a matching 18k white gold President bracelet.
The very essence of luxurious time-keeping, provided with a day and date function. It was launched in 1956 as a niche model and was only produced in precious metals (yellow-, white- and rose gold or platinum). Its retail price was way costlier than any other Rolex model. However, due to its popularity among a lot of prestigious people, for example presidents (hence, its nickname), it became Rolex’ flagship model. Over the years this model has enjoyed associations with a wide variety of people, from world leaders, athletes, celebrities and mafiosi (like Tony Soprano). Regardless of the differences, they all had one thing in common: being successful in their area of expertise. Therefore, to this day the Day-Date is still synonymous with luxury, prestige, style and success. With exception of the most modern models, the Day-Date comes in at 36mm.