Rolex Day-Date Fossil Dial 18238 ‘Jurassic Park’

Rolex Day-Date 18238 on a President bracelet with a rare stone dial. This fossil face watch goes by the nickname “Jurassic park”. As we know, the stone dials are very uncommon but this one in particular is super rare. The scarcity of this fossil dial Day-Date is caused by the production proces which was extremely hard. Carve a thin slice of fossil, then add 10 diamond settings, the gold frames for the apertures and the coronet, add the printing and finish to it, all without cracking the surface. Happy to offer one of the few that survived and it is kept in immaculate condition. This unique dial features the “T Swiss made T” signing as it refers to the tritium set hand-sets. Furthermore the watch was recently been serviced by Rolex and comes with the warranty card.

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