Rolex Day-Date 18048 ‘Factory Set’

Do you love your girlfriend enough to get her this one or are you just manly enough to pull up with some diamonds and gold on your wrist? Then, you are definitely at the right place.

We’re very happy to deliver you a Rolex Day-Date 18048 in 18k yellow gold. The watch dates back to 1978 and… Damn! It has to carry Jennifer Aniston’s genes because this beauty still looks spot-on after more than 40 years. This timepiece has the perfect case size of 36 millimeter and runs on the single quick-set caliber 3055.

The watch features the distinguishing factory-set diamond bezel and shows a marvelous champagne-gold dial including a factory-set diamond index underneath the sapphire crystal. The watch is in pristine condition and also the bracelet is razor sharp.

Only real men can pull off diamonds.

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