Rolex Explorer II 1655 ‘MK I Straight Hand’

All first versions of Rolex toolwatches fetch a high price. Remarkable that this first Explorer 2 is so affordable compared to the first Sub (€150K+), first GMT (€100K+), first Milgauss (€200k+) etc. Is the 1655 a sleeper?

The best Explorer, also known as the Freccione (Italian for ‘Orange hand’) we have ever offered to the public. This 1655 dates back to 1972 and has the much desired straight hand. The MK I dial has aged beautifully and the tritium is showing strong patina, yet the dial is bright and clear. The case and thick lugs reflect the great condition. The original bracelet from 1972 is still attached to it and from the looks of it, the watch has not been worn often by the previous owner who had it serviced at Rolex. Besides the servicepapers it comes with the box and vintage Explorer booklet.


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