Rolex Oyster Perpetual Chronograph 6234 'Pre-Daytona'

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The sporty Daytona isn't elegant enough for you? How about its predecessor...A so-called "Pre-Daytona" dating back to 1960. A rare specimen and very sought-after. This example was produced in Stainless Steel and the 36mm measuring Oyster case houses the world-famous Valjoux movement. This reliable chronograph is easy to read since the dial design is quite simple and the sub-dials are rather large. It aged magnificently and I wonder if there is any 6234 around with such a mesmerising dial. The dial nor the hands feature any lume and are elegantly shaped. Add a rare riveted Oyster stretch bracelet with straight end-links to the mix and you've got yourself a true winner. It may say anti-magnetic, but I surely feel very attracted to it.


Rolex 'Pre-Daytona'In the 60’s Rolex made some changes in their chronograph line. They moved the tachymetric scale (used for measuring distance over time) from the dial to the bezel. The simplified dial also featured another change: contrasting coloured sub-dials. This gave the watch an even sportier look, a good thing as it was dedicated to racing drivers? Maybe, but it looked less classy and elegant. If you agree than I would suggest you take a closer look at the "Pre-Daytona's"


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