Rolex Oyster Perpetual Chronograph 6234 ‘Pre-Daytona’

The sporty Daytona isn’t elegant enough for you? How about its predecessor…

A so-called “Pre-Daytona” dating back to 1960. A rare specimen and very sought-after. This example was produced in Stainless Steel and the 36mm measuring Oyster case houses the world-famous Valjoux movement. This reliable chronograph is easy to read since the dial design is quite simple and the sub-dials are rather large. It aged magnificently and I wonder if there is any 6234 around with such a mesmerising dial. The dial nor the hands feature any lume and are elegantly shaped. Add a rare riveted Oyster stretch bracelet with straight end-links to the mix and you’ve got yourself a true winner. It may say anti-magnetic, but I surely feel very attracted to it.

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