Rolex Submariner 16610LV 'Kermit'

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THIS WATCH WITH SERIAL NUMBER V468691 WAS STOLEN FROM OUR SHOP DURING A BREAK-IN ON OCTOBER 22, 2020.FOR A LIST OF ALL THE WATCHES THAT WERE STOLEN, PLEASE CLICK HERE.PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU COME ACROSS ANY OF THE STOLEN WATCHES. THANK YOU! The reference 16610LV was introduced in 2003 to mark the iconic Submariner's 50th anniversary.Rolex isn't really known for emotional tributes and special editions. But there it was. During Baselworld 2003, Rolex introduced a special edition Submariner to mark the model's fiftieth anniversary. The 16610LV, aptly nicknamed 'the Kermit', infused the Sub with a bit color by sporting a green bezel. The LV was also the first iteration of the Submariner to sport a Maxi dial, with the larger indexes. The Kermit was only produced for a short 7 years, making it the most collectible modern Rolex watch. In typical Rolex fashion, the model underwent several incremental changes over the years.The piece we're offering is an V-serial dating back to 2008, also known as the "Mark 8" variation. This watch comes with an engraved rehaut, a beautiful dark green bezel (known as the D5 bezel inlay), and a stainless steel Oyster bracelet. Kermit prices have shot up exponentially in recent years and this is one of the last affordable ones. Don't come complaining to us about increasing prices if you miss out on this one!


Rolex SubmarinerIn 1953, Rolex introduced one of the world’s first wrist watches geared specifically towards divers: the Submariner. Rolex had to confront a number of challenges when designing its first dive watch. The watch obviously had to withstand significant amounts of pressure and had to accurately measure time spent underwater, which the first Submariner achieved by featuring a 330ft/100m depth rating and a rotating diving bezel. It also had to be easily legible in conditions of reduced visibility yet aesthetically pleasing. Hence, the Sub’s iconic large white tritium hour markers and Mercedes hands set against a contrasting black dial.The Submariner is the most iconic and desirable luxury watch of all time and has been adopted by luminaries such as Jacques Cousteau, Che Guevara, and none other than James Bond. Our favorite Bond, Sean Connery, wore a big crown Sub in the 1962 classic ‘Dr. No’. The watch was also featured in ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘Thunderball’.


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