Rolex Submariner 16803


Everything is better in purple.

In 1984, Rolex introduced the reference 16803, which was the first bicoloured Oyster Perpetual Submariner. The watch came in two different configurations; a blue bezel with a blue dial and a black bezel with a black dial. The example we have at Amsterdam Vintage Watches has a blue bezel inlay and a dial that once was blue but has discoloured beautifully to purple. Moreover, the dial has a tritium index with matching hands and it displays a small, subtle difference that means a lot to the functionality of the watch. Namely, in the second line of golden text right above the 6-hour position it says 1000ft=300m instead of 660ft=200m. This diving watch was could go 100m deeper than its predecessors. This is an early example as it dates back to ’84. Together with the 16800 this was the first Submariner with sapphire crystal instead of plexiglass. The stainless steel case houses the calibre 3035. The bezel, crown and centre links of the Oyster bracelet (which is in great condition) are from 18k yellow gold. This combination gives this professional tool watch instantly an upscale look. After a production run of roughly four years, Rolex discontinued this reference in 1988.

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