Rolex Submariner 5513 ‘Meters First’


The 5513 was introduced in the early ’60s. In 1966, the matte ‘Meters First Dials’ replaced the gilt, glossy ‘Meters First’. It refers to the meters (200m) depth rating being displayed before the feet (660ft) depth rating on the dial. This subtle difference is rare and interesting for collectors.

This fine example comes from 1967, so the watch is more than 50 years old. No need to say that this watch has served his purpose. The inlay has faded to matte black and that’s not something which can be reproduced. This watch has been worn and used, which gives it so much more character than a modern Submariner. The matte black dial, tritium index and hands have aged beautifully to a greenish colour. This 5513 comes on a stainless steel folded Oyster bracelet. The case, which measures 40 mm, is in good condition and the watch is powered by the calibre 1520. We think it’s cool that the watch comes with the service box and papers from several years.

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