Urwerk UR-103.3

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We’re so good at our job that we need a challenge every once in a while. So, last week we went to a shooting range and hung up a target with 10 watch brands we usually don’t sell. Then we had Rutger, our worst shooter, take one shot. Well, it seems we’re selling an Urwerk now.Urwerk was founded in 1997 with the philosophy of combining traditional high-end mechanical watchmaking with creative and forward-looking designs. The UR-103 line, introduced in 2002, is one of the most iconic and certainly one of the most sought-after Urwerk models.The UR-103.3 was introduced in 2005 and features the most aggressive and futuristic design, almost akin to a science fiction figure. The 18k rose-gold case exhibits a rectangular design with an overlaid crown with deep vertical channels and an oversized crown at the top. The case, measuring in at 50 mm long and 36 mm wide, is connected to a classy chocolate brown alligator leather strap with the aid of concealed lugs in the case back.The dial features an intricately crafted wandering hours complication. The complication consists of an orbiting cross with four independently rotating cones that display the hours. The time can be read by the hour shown on the cone that travels along the 0-60 minute arc at the bottom of the dial.A cool hidden feature of this watch is that it features a control panel on the case back. This panel displays a power reserve indicator for the manual wound movement and separate minute and seconds displays. The latter two allow the time to be accurately set. Finally, the panel sports a device to fine tune the watch without the need for a watchmaker to open up the case and adjust the movement.This UR-103.3 is one of the coolest and most creative designs we’ve come across in a long time, combining classical high end mechanical watchmaking with an ultra-modern design. In other words, perfect for the tech-loving watch enthusiast!


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