A family-run business, established in 1987.

— The best day to buy a vintage watch, is today

Located in a beautiful historical building in the heart of Amsterdam. After a new generation took over, AVW underwent a complete renewal and is one of the leading boutiques in vintage luxury watches: a worldwide favourite among collectors and connoisseurs alike.

The history of our store

Paul Lijfering has always had an interest in the finer things in life, especially when created by true craftsmanship. He was able to combine this affinity with his creativity in his first store in the late 80s.

Accompanied by his wife, Angelina, they restored and created unique pieces of jewellery. There was always a special feeling for beauty from the past and so they pioneered in trading vintage jewellery and vintage watches.

The next chapter started when the previous shop nearly collapsed because of its bad foundation. (one of Amsterdams specialties) In 2009 they moved from the red-light district to the Singel. Over the years the focus shifted more towards watches, greatly encouraged by the next generation; the son of Paul and Angelina.

We specialise in the trade of the worlds finest watches from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet & Cartier.

These brands have in common that they exude luxury and quality; “pay more buy less”, words to live by in our opinion. Working closely together with Holland’s best watchmakers, all of our watches have been fully overhauled whilst maintaining its originality, prior to the sale of the watch. Besides a full one year guarantee of the proper functioning of the movement we ensure total originality. Jasper can also provide an official appraisal and has experience with authenticating and valuating watches for auction houses, colleagues, police and even on national Television. Furthermore we are pleased to purchase watches from a durably build network of collectors and dealers. If you have a watch for sale yourself, you can either fill out our “We Buy” form, send us an e-mail or pass by the store.

Our knowledgeable and helpful team is happy to help you.


Owner, CEO

Amsterdam Vintage Watches is proudly being run by Jasper Lijfering. He was infected by the watch virus at the tender age of 12, being constantly surrounded by vintage treasures since his childhood. Ever since his passion evolved and his knowledge grew. Jasper’s first love was a Rolex GMT “Pepsi” 1675. Before taking over his parent’s shop in 2014 he studied to become a jeweller entrepreneur at Schoonhoven College and has worked at several jewellery shops in Amsterdam. However, he really learned the tricks of the trade working in the field of this utterly interesting market.

He developed a refreshing style which is unknown in the rather haughty luxury watch market. Unorthodox maybe, but staying true to his values whilst being transparent. Never afraid to share his unvarnished opinion on social media or in person. His passion is widely appreciated and bonds people from all over the world, sharing the same interest: quality timepieces.

Rutger Kooijman

Sales associate

Be amazed by the knowledge the youngest of the bunch has. At his young age, Rutger already has an eye for quality and uses this to his benefit when acquiring new gems for our collection. With his ever-increasing international network, 
he is closing ever-larger deals.

Rutger manages a strong client portfolio with seasoned collectors as well as novice aficionados. His classic and 
iconic taste in watches mirrors his personality.

Ramon van der Lee

Sales associate

A true gentleman enjoying the finer things in life. Cigars, suits, glasses and obviously wristwatches. Ramon’s preference lies with precious metal models, possibly adorned with gem-stones. If you would describe his character and style, a Rolex Day-Date 18038 fits him best. As he quickly gained knowledge, his position in the team strengthened and “Mr. Soprano” now maintains important clients.