Rolex Day-Date 18388 'Ruby Missoni'

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The chevron pattern, consisting of two slanting lines that form an inverted V, has been a common motif in heraldry, pottery, and textiles. Since the 1960s, it’s been closely associated with the Italian fashion house Missoni due to its colorful fabrics emblazoned with the zig-zag pattern. To us watch lovers, however, the term refers to one of the most intricate and beautiful Day-Date dials ever made by Rolex.

The iconic 36 mm 18k yellow gold case on this Day-Date comes with a special reference number, 18388, with the first ‘3’ indicating that the case lugs are factory-set with diamonds and the first ‘8’ referring to the factory-set diamond bezel. As the 18338 is a sub-reference of the 182xx-series Day-Dates, it houses the caliber 3155 automatic movement with a double-quickset function. This allows you to independently adjust the day, date, and time.
Very few dials can hold their own against the gem-set splendor of this case, but the Missoni dial is the perfect accompaniment. The solid 18K gold dial is engraved with an intricate chevron pattern in the center that is surrounded by a delicate coin-edge like texture. Then follows a string of small brilliant-cut diamonds, interspersed by delicate brilliant-cut rubies on the hour positions, that is in turn encircled by yet another coin-edge like texture. This interplay between textures and gems gives the dial a brilliant and lively effect, particularly when light hits it from different angles.
This splendid beauty dates back to 1990 and is in excellent condition with a sharp case and tight 18K yellow gold President bracelet.


The very essence of luxurious time-keeping, provided with a day and date function. It was launched in 1956 as a niche model and was only produced in precious metals (yellow-, white- and rose gold or platinum). Its retail price was way costlier than any other Rolex model. However, due to its popularity among a lot of prestigious people, for example presidents (hence, its nickname), it became Rolex’ flagship model. Over the years this model has enjoyed associations with a wide variety of people, from world leaders, athletes, celebrities and mafiosi (like Tony Soprano). Regardless of the differences, they all had one thing in common: being successful in their area of expertise. Therefore, to this day the Day-Date is still synonymous with luxury, prestige, style and success. With exception of the most modern models, the Day-Date comes in at 36mm.



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