Blancpain Lip MC4 Bathyscaphe fifty fathoms ‘Tropical’


This is a special piece and we are delighted to have it in our collection. One of the very first watches intended for professional use and they were being offered in diving shops. Unlike the big and famous ‘Fifty fathoms’ from Blancpain, the Bathyscaphe (named after a deepsea submersible) is smaller in size and actually looks quite elegant. With the Bakelite bezel (that rarely comes in this perfect condition) it measures a mere 37mm. The brilliantly aged dial turned to a rich brown tone and has radium filled markers with Arabic 6,9 and 12. At the 3 o’clock position we find a date function. The one we are offering is the automatic version and dates back to the 60s. It is signed by retailer “Lip”. Strapped up with a curved-end Tropic. Blancpain recently re-issued this classic, but nothing beats the original. POW!


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