Delvina Diver Super Compressor

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Delvina Super CompressorThis beautiful Super Compressor by Delvina was made in 1969. The ‘super compressor’ method was very innovative during that time. It is a case sealing method which causes the watch to be more and more water resistant as it goes deeper in the water. Due to the high water pressure, the caseback is pressed to the ‘O-ring’. However, the most outstanding aspect of this watch is its rotating innerbezel, which is quite unique and not seen that often. So, if you’re looking for a unique diver, with great value for money, this might be the one for you.


Delvina Genève Although not much information has been given about Delvina, it is still worth mentioning amongst the well-known players in the watch industry. In 1892, Paul Ditisheim established Solvil et Titus S.A., just a quick search shows he was quite familiar in the watch industry already, since his father, named Maurice, founded Vulcain, and another relative founded Movado. Ditisheim decided to hand over the company to the Swiss art collector Paul Vogel, who collected pieces from greats like Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Degas. Vogel decided to divide the company in a lower budget and luxury line of business where he created various watches in the last 40 years. In 1969 he patented Delvina, made some cool diving watches and unfortunately perished in the quartz crisis.



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