Heuer Carrera 3647 T

Museum Piece
Truly magnificent Carrera in fair condition.



Truly magnificent Carrera in fair condition. The dial shows signs of the time and makes it a very characteristic piece. Case is very strong and just slightly polished over time. Collectors; this is your chance; and it might as well be your very last chance to buy a 60's Carrera under €10k.Heuer CarreraThe Carrera first saw light in 1963 and was Heuer's first line of watches with its own name. Named after the motor race ‘Le Carrera Panamericana Rally Mexico’. This chronograph was an evolution in terms of design and branding, under the supervision of CEO Jack Heuer. The Carerra is a sports watch, more specifically a racing tool watch, which was being used in Formula one races by Ferrari. This link between the Carrera and motor sports evermore cemented its presence in the market as a professional yet very stylish timepiece. Ever since the launch of this model we have had the pleasure to see so many variations enter the commercial market. However the classic Carrera style, or more commonly known as the first generation Carrera, was only made for 6 years until the birth of the automatic Carrera chronograph in 1969. The Carrera is still currently being manufactured in new and contemporary evolutions.