Jaeger-LeCoultre ‘Eagle beak lugs’


Another magnificent dress watch made by Jeager Le-Coultre 75 years ago. 

This elegant piece was made in the year 1943. When the majority of the world was in war, Switzerland kept their priorities straight and stayed neutral, so watchmakers like Jeager-LeCoultre could continue to produce watches without any problems.

And that definitely was for a reason! They produced this beautiful 36,5mm, stainless steel timepiece, running on a Jeager Le-Coultre manual winding caliber P449/36. The watch features a charming gold-brown dial including a decentral second hand and a nice dark-brown, leather strap that is fitted between the amazing, distinguishing ‘Eagle beak lugs’.

A sharp looking, probably unpolished, dress watch, perfect for the stylish and classic man. There’s no doubt about that.

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