Juvenia Arithmo

When the world has to be rebuild after World War II and Steve Jobs and Bill Gates weren’t born and busy creating iPhones and computers yet, Juvenia brought earth this distinctive architects watch named Arithmo.

As the name already secretly reveals, this watch was made with an arithmetical approach. Architects were able to perform calculations and measurements thanks to the bi-directional, logarithmic, slide rule bezel.

The watch is made out of stainless steel, has a case diameter of 36 millimeter and runs on AS’ 1180, manually wound, Juvenia signed movement. This piece is in overall great condition and the slide-rule bezel is still perfectly readable. Underneath the plexy glass we’ll find a blued steel handset and beautiful silvered radium dial with a radium burn right underneath the Juvenia Arithmo sign.

The fact that this piece is practically unnecessary nowadays still doesn’t change the fact that it looks absolutely killing. You’ll only have to take a one second look to know that this timepiece is an absolute must have for every watch lover and collector.


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