Omega Constellation 'Pie-Pan Arrow Head'

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We said it multiple times right now, Omega has done some strange things and has lost any direction creating their collection. However, they definitely did succeed creating one of the best dress watches on the market for almost 70 years now.This Constellation 2652, which dates back to 1952 (the launch year), is made out of stainless steel, but gold capped (not gold plated) and comes with an black leather bracelet. This constellation has the perfect configuration in our eyes; Arrow-head markers on a Cross-haired, Pie-Pan dial. 


Omega ConstellationThe Constellation family was launched in 1952 and contains a wide range of models; all luxurious precision watches with a high level of finishing and refinement, both on the outside as on the inside.‘Constellation’ is an astronomical term for a group of stars that moves consistent and predictable just like the movements in the watches of this line. The connection with astronomy can also be found in the logo for the Constellation; 8 stars (representing its greatest chronometric achievements) and the Geneva Observatory (where Omega broke the record for precision in every category). This logo can often be found on the case back or a single star can be found on the dial.



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