Omega Seamaster 600 Ploprof 166.077 ‘MK II’

The nickname ‘Ploprof’ derives from the French words ‘Plongeur Professionnel’ meaning : professional diver. After the success of the Seamaster 300, Omega (on request by Comex) wanted to make an even more reliable and waterproof wristwatch. This Seamaster 600 (waterproof to 600m) first saw light in 1970, 4 years after they started the production. The watch has been in production for 9 years and due to its high costs back in the days (twice the price of a Rolex Submariner) only top professional divers went for the Ploprof. Probably Omega lost more money in the process of developing this watch thank making money in the sales, but they also used this exact model to advertise their mechanical abilities. Two features in particular are quite innovative. Firstly the locking mechanism on the winding crown and secondly the bezel that can only be turned when the distinctive big-red button is pressed.

Omega re-issued the Ploprof in 2009 because the rugged and typical 70s look and rich history gave this diver a real cult-status. Given the scarcity one can easily understand the vintage Ploprofs are highly sought-after.  The one we are offering is a very early piece with the red-button on the left side of the case, known as the Mark 2. The dial is really exceptional and the overall case and movement condition is magnificent. This is one of the very few chances you will ever get to purchase a diver like this, especially for this amount. The best companion any diver or watch collector could wish for.

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