Patek Philippe Dress Watch 3491/3

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According to the Extract from the Archives de date of manufacture of this Patek Philippe 3491/3 is 1969 and the date of sale is 1973. It took the dealer four years to sell this watch! You're probably spitting out your coffee on your computer while screaming out loud "HOW?". Well, ladies and gentleman, the whole Amsterdam Vintage Watches crew had exactly the same response and therefore we don't have any working computers anymore.All joking aside, we seriously don't understand what is not to love about this watch. Let's start with the mesmerising dial; it has a deep, dark shade of blue with four applied Roman numerals. The dial looks very vivid and dynamic thanks to the finish that mimics the pattern of the bracelet and can be compared to a rough linen structure. The 18k yellow-gold bracelet is integrated with the 18k yellow-gold, squared case, which almost makes it a piece of jewellery to wear.So, please, help us getting new laptops for the team by purchasing this Patek Philippe.


Patek PhilippePatek Philippe’s ultra exclusive timepieces have usually been reserved for the lucky few. Its mechanical masterpieces were traditionally made from precious metals and worn by an elegant lady or gentleman.


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