Patek Philippe Ellipse 3730 'Onyx' & 'Lapis' set

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The Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse sits on a different plane, somewhere between a circle and a rectangle. Although simple in design, its adherence to the ‘Golden Ratio’ gives the Ellipse a pleasing harmony. The Golden Ellipse was introduced in 1968 and signaled a departure from the traditional shapes in watchmaking. The Ellipse also dispensed with the traditional extended lugs found on other watches, only allowing the end of the strap to briefly interrupt the smooth lines of the case.

As it would be such a loss to sell those two watches separately, we decided to sell them exactly as we bought it. As one set. The set was bought in the mid ‘70s and both watches are carrying the reference number 3730. We saw a ‘Onyx’ dial Ellipse appearing on the market a few times over the last years but this the first time that we come across the usage of Lapis Lazuli in a reference 3730.

Both stone dials are in flawless conditions like the watches itself. They both come on matching alligator straps and are just serviced by Patek Philippe.


Patek Philippe EllipseThe Ellipse is Patek Philippe’s second-oldest model - after the Calatrava - and maybe is one of the most questionable but elegant designs the Swiss watch brand ever made. The bold, elliptical case is based on perfection since its design, that’s neither a circle nor a rectangle, was built according to the ratio 1/1.6181, better known as ‘the golden ratio’ or 'golden section'. This ratio was discovered by ancient Greek mathematicians and the most famous masterpieces in art - like the Mona Lisa - and architecture, and even nature and parts of the human body - like the face - were based on this principle of perfect harmony and balance. The combination of this ratio and Patek Philippe’s magnificent design made this beautiful dress watch a worldwide symbol of style and class.



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