Rolex Day-Date 1803 ‘Blue Stella’

Uncompromising look and feel. If you desire one of the worlds most luxurious watches with a bright blue dial, this is your chance.

The Importance of a Rolex Day-Date does not have to be stressed anymore. Everybody can figure out why this prestigious watch was nicknamed “The President”. But it would take one hell of a outspoken President to flaunt this watch with outspoken dial colour. Not only is is bright blue, but due to enamel-like production method of these so-called “Stella-dials”, they really shine. These dials are true collector pieces and especially if they are in bright colours and without any cracks in the surface. Lucky us we have this extraordinary well-kept example. Even all tritium plots are still present.

Usually we can fill another paragraph talking about that magnificent movement and awesome bracelet with concealed clasp. But lets leave that for now, the importance is in the face…

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