Rolex Day-Date 18038 'Khanjar, Tiger Eye'

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There are numerous collectible features one can look for in vintage Day-Dates, if you combine 2 of the most coveted ones; a crest and a hard stone dial, the result might just blow your mind.

Oftentimes the value lies in the dial. No exception on this -otherwise ordinary- 18038. Starting with the material the dial is cut out of: Tiger Eye. This gemstone from the quartz group has a beautiful gold and brown streaky appearance with a silky luster. The name refers to the chatoyance, which means 'cat’s eye effect' in French. If you play around with the light you'll find out how quickly it will enchant you.

If that is not enough for you, and you truly are a spoiled collector who only wants the wrist wear in a league of its own: you might end up inquiring about this examplary Day-Date where the "SCOC-specification" made place for a royal emblem. Applied in bright green lacquer, the Omani dagger can be enjoyed at the six o'clock position. Rolex' with Khanjar crests are rare in and of itself, but only rarely has it been printed on stone dials. Both the print of the logo as well as the surface of the stone is immaculate and leaves little to no questioning about the quality of this magnificent Day-Date. Unsurprisingly, the language on the day and date window match the origin of this Middle-Eastern special.

There are no remarks to be made about the case and President bracelet with concealed clasp. Even though the importance is the exceptionally rare face, it is always nice to see it is housed in a watch that has been preserved in a condition it deserves. Please note, the matching Lady Datejust on the picture is not included in the price.




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