Rolex Day-Date 18039 'Oxblood Stella'

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This Oxblood Stella dial stands out among its funky colored brethren because of its understated looks.

During the 1970s and 1980s Rolex offered brightly colored lacquered dials, nicknamed ‘stella’ by Italian collectors, as an option for the Day-Date. This option wasn’t particularly popular. After all, you had to be a gentleman (or lady) of considerable means to be able to afford a Day-Date and it was unlikely that a person of that stature would rock a gold watch with such a loud, dare we say gaudy, dial. As a result, stella dial Day-Dates are very collectible nowadays.

This ref. 18039 features the burgundy colored; 'Oxblood Stella' dial, with factory set diamonds on the indices, in the very rare white gold variety, evidenced by the silver print and 18k white gold Rolex coronet. Over the course of time, the lume plots have turned to a nice creamy color matching perfectly with the hands. The 36 mm white gold case is in excellent condition and comes with a matching white gold President bracelet with concealed Rolex clasp. The watch houses the caliber 3055 automatic movement with a single-quickset function. This absolute shimmering beauty dates back to 1979 and is in an condition to behold on its own.


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