Rolex Day-Date 1807 'Khanjar, Asprey'

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Three aspects of this watch turn this already absolute beauty in to a true collectors dream.

Let us start with the configuration; a 4-digit Day-Date, dating back to 1976, in yellow-gold however the last cipher is a '7' which indicates the bark finish. In the second half of the twentieth century, Rolex was well known for experimenting with different ways to treat bezels, cases, and bracelets. Unfortunately, this creativity had all but ceased by the early 1990s. The ref. 1807 took the classic Day-Date and upgraded it with a bark-like texture on the bezel as well as the center link of the iconic President bracelet, making for a truly funky 1970s watch.

Secondly we have the gold 'Champagne' dial where we can all notice another uncommon addition. The national emblem of Oman (Arabic: شعار سلطنة عمان) is Khanjar Bo Sayfain, an insignia consisting of a khanjar inside its sheath that is superimposed upon two crossed swords. Adopted in the 18th century as the badge of the Omani royal family, it subsequently became the national emblem of the Sultanate of Oman. Back in those times Rolex often allowed sovereign and corporate clients to commission special order watches and here we have a prime example of one.

Thirdly, we have an 'ASPREY' engraving on the case-back as the Sultan’s early Rolex timepieces were only available at the London-based retailer. Added to that is the repeated serial number in the case-back confirming this was a special order by the Sultan.

All in all this watch is in an absolute beautiful condition with a strong case with barely any stretch on the bracelet.


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