Rolex Day-Date 18238 ‘Tapestry’

In case you didn’t like the white-gold Day-Date we have for offer, we also have yellow-gold example. 

The Day-Date. There is just something special about it. Once you have strapped it on your wrist, a certain feeling arouses you. A feeling that instantly upgrades your style and status. Aficionados might call it magic, we at Amsterdam Vintage Watches don’t believe in magic. We just call it perfection.
The Rolex Day-Date was the first automatic, waterproof chronometer wristwatch that indicated the date and the day of the week. The 18200-series, the fifth generation of Day-Dates, were introduced in 1988 and housed the caliber 3155, which means that the time, day and date can be adjusted separately. Very convenient for daily use. Amsterdam Vintage Watches has a marvelous yellow-gold example for offer with a champagne-gold, tapestry dial. The bracelet is in mint condition! Like all 5-digit Day-Date references the ‘flat dial’ is protected by a sapphire crystal, which gives the watch a modern, fresh look. This piece dates back to ’92.
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