Rolex Day-Date 18238 'Malachite'

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Immaculate Malachite.

Basically that is all you need to know. This disqualifies about 90% of the, already very few, Malachite dials that are out there. Arguably the most striking type of hard stone that has been used by Rolex in the past. This particular piece being a testamant to that statement. The striped appearance of this mineral, ranging from bright to racing green, is so dynamic and mesmerising. But the overal appearance and aesthetics are just one important factor.

As per usual, the condition plays a huge role in the value and desirability of a vintage watch; but even more so if it is sporting a fragile stone dial. There aren't many malachite dials out there so you can argue if you have the right to be picky if you do come across one. Oftentimes it does have some loss of printing, surface scratches or even worse: hairlines and/ or cracks. However, it always remained a dream of us to find an example that lacks all the previously mentioned defects. That dream turned into reality when we acquired this 18238. This 90's iteration features a "Swiss" signing instead of the earlier and more common "T Swiss T".

It probably does not come as a surprise that the overall condition of the watch itself is pristine too. The lucks are remarkably thick and sharp and the fluted bezels remains untouched. The green caseback sticker that is still present, creates a rather uncommon scenario where the front and backside of this Rolex are green. The President bracelet is virtually stretch free and the coronet is strongly pronounced on the concealed clasp.



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