Rolex GMT-Master 1675 “Gilt Underline PCG”

The GMT-Master 1675 is a classic and beloved among many!

This Rolex GMT-Master 1675 dates back to 1962 and is a very special specimen. This stainless steel sports watch aged magnificently and features many desirable features. Lets start with the mirror gloss gilt dial that Rolex produced in the early 60s. Most notable is the “underline”, positioned underneath the SCOC, that was made to distinguish a certain batch of dials in this year that carried less radioactivity. The surface of the dial is lively and the vintage feel is enhanced by the tritium zinc sulfide plots with amazing patina. Coming with the original handset with small GMT-hand, aged slightly darker.

The 40mm measuring case is equipped with “Eagle-beak crown-guards” referred to as PCG or by Italians collectors: “Cornino”. Not unpolished but the condition is strong and the lugs are thick. Last but not least we have to give the bracelet some extra attention. We rarely come across these expandable “Oyster Stretch” bracelets (stamped 6636) with 20mm ends. (stamped 80)

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