Rolex GMT-Master 6542



We love Pussy… 

… Galore. That’s the nickname of the reference 6542 as she – Pussy Galore – wore it in the James Bond film Goldfinger.

In 1954, Pan-American Airlines requested Rolex to produce a reliable wrist watch for their pilots. It had to be one that could simultaneously display two time zones. The very Rolex GMT (Greenwhich Mean Time) under reference is 6542 was the answer. The rotatable 24-hour bezel and extra hour hand made it easy for pilots to read both, the home and local time.

The watch was available in either stainless steel or 18k yellow gold and did not have the crown guards yet. The wrist watch we can offer you is carried out in stainless steel. Because bakelite would reflect less (to prevent pilots from being blinded) Rolex chose to use this materials for their bezel inlays. Unfortunately, due to its fragility (the bezel cracks easily), radioactivity and because the numbers tend to flake of in warmer environments, Rolex discontinued the bakelite bezel after a couple of years of production. After this, Rolex switched over to aluminium inlays and something not everyone knows is that they already made this switch before the 6542 was discontinued. So, there are examples of this reference with aluminium inserts. The smaller case size, the gilt dial, the bakelite bezel and the absence of crown guards make this watch aesthetically very pleasing and beloved among aficionados worldwide.

Unfortunately we broke the original bezel so we had to replace it for an aftermarket one. This is not how we usually like to see it but will give you more pleasure to wear it without being terrified to break the original (ten thousands of euro’s worth) bakelite bezel. The 6542 was only produced for five years and replaced by the reference 1675 in 1959.

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