Rolex GMT-Master 6542 'Tropical'

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later original aluminium inlay on the bezel + service dial

The aviation industry used to be a lot more stylish, but also dangerous; not talking about the risks of crashing but the preferred pilots watch from the fifties was highly radioactive.

Therefore Rolex issued a recall, regarding the bezel specifically, demanded by the Atomic Energy Commission (due to the use of Strontium 90). As a result, most were substituted by an aluminium replacement; making the original Bakelite inserts very scarce. In this case, we have exactly that. Free of any radioactivity.

Whilst the bezel with luminescent numerals is a characteristic and cardinal feature of this first ever GMT reference, the dial is equally important. This original service dial has turned to an amazing tropical colouring as you can clearly see by in our images. This brownish fade we can see all across the dial still shows some specs of the original jet-black color it had. The hue is equally and beautifully spread across the dial giving a reddish hue. The plots have all aged to an appealing creamy colour, which in combination with the text, provides an amazing contrast to the tropical background.

Furthermore, the roulette date-wheel is still installed and the case is carried by a stunning riveted Oyster bracelet. The serial on the case has worn off over time and only the top part is readable. The watch dates back to circa 1958 and is ready to be enjoyed by its new adventurous owner.


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