Rolex GMT-Master II 16718 ‘Serti Dial’

Rolex GMT-Master II 16718 “Sultan”

What makes this 16718 so beautiful?

18k yellow gold case and Jubilee bracelet in perfect condition ✓
Champagne gold serti dial with factory-set diamonds and rubies ✓
Chocolate brown bezel matching with the gold ✓
Clear, white Mercedes hands ✓

Shall I continue?

It’s just gorgeous! This watch is nicknamed the “Sultan” and once you wear it, you will understand why. It’s absolutely outrageous, yet, so nice! You’re right to say that this watch is not for everyone. Still, this piece is highly sought after by enthusiasts worldwide. Not only the looks are awesome, the watch is also water resistant and has, most importantly, a second-arrow hand to display the hour in a different time zone. We are happy to announce that this piece is in great shape. Like it? Get it! And… don’t listen to your wife. You’re the sultan!

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