Rolex Milgauss 1019

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The Milgauss, starting with reference 6543 & 6541 in the 50's, was intended for scientists. Specifically it was made for CERN which is a European organisation for nuclear research. Regular watches would get magnetised while the Milgauss could withstand 1000 gauss of magnetism. The 1019 was the successor of the 6541 & 6543 and got introduced in 1960. It was bigger measuring 38 mm and had the new calibre 1580. The lightning bolt second hand got replaced by a secondhand with a red arrowhead matching the red font of Milgauss displayed on the dial. Its design made it a perfect tool- and business watch. During its production that ran until 1988 different dial variations were produced. There are matte-white and -black, glossy-black and silver dials. The brushed dial like the one we have was made end '60s. This example dates back to 1969 and comes on a stainless steel folded Oyster bracelet that dates back to the same year.


Rolex MilgaussThe Submariner was intended for divers, the GMT-Master was aimed at airline pilots, the Daytona was made for race car drivers and the Explorer for the adventurer. The Milgauss was created for scientists. Scientists were exposed to magnetic fields, which made a normal watch useless. The Milgauss could withstand 1000 (mil) gauss of magnetism. The first Milgauss was introduced in 1956 under reference 6541.



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