Rolex Submariner 1680/8 'Meter first'

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If you are looking for the rarest yellow gold Submariner in Rolex' history: we have it.

The seasoned collector will spot instantly what is so spectacularly rare about this 1680/8 and that it has only been produced for less than a year at the end of the 60's. This gold diver, with a serial as low as 2.17m, was first introduced with a dial where the depth rating starts with the metric system unit. Rolex switched to "feet first" for all their tool watch dials in 1970, whilst the steel counterparts already were in production for many years, the gold Submariner just entered their line-up. Very few of this first serie ever surfaced and it has only been produced with a black dial, whilst "feet first dials" are also available in blue.

This exceptionally pretty dial is flawless and shows an aesthetically pleasing and very subtle thin-font in yellow. The 'Nipple dial' markers have warm creamy tritium, matching the original handset. Other important details are the original bezel and inlay, the date disc, crown and Oyster bracelet. Most notably the case still shows a very strong profile with good lugs.

Chances are you haven't seen something like this come up for sale in a while. If you are a self-respecting Submariner collectors we suggest you seize this opportunity to add this collectible specimen to your arsenal of dive watches.



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