Rolex Submariner 1680 'Red Mk5, diver'

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Red Sub with awesome provenance, as it was used how it should!

The ref. 1680 was introduced at the end of the 1960s and was the first Submariner to feature a date function. Early executions, like this one with red ‘Submariner’ text, are among the most desirable vintage sports watches. Now, you might ask, “why the hell would you need a date window on a dive watch?”. Well, you don’t. But there were two factors that played a part in Rolex’ decision to introduce a separate Date Submariner. For one, recreational diving as well as beach vacationing gained popularity in the 1960s. As a result, the market for watches that could be worn daily and could just as easily be taken in the pool or ocean rapidly increased. Interestingly enough, this watch was picked up by a diver in the 70s.

His brother reached out, via e-mail, to a friend of us to sell it:
"The Rolex Red Submariner is from 1972/1973, Model 1680 Considering its age, the bracelet has little wear and is stamped 9315 “pateted” and has 3 72 stamped on the clasp. 380 appears at the end of each end-link.

My brother, Richard P. Murphy, purchased the watch from authorised Rolex Retailers, Weirs of Dublin, early 1974 and you'll see the date and his name engraved on the back. My Rolex serviceman tells me that the engraving can be removed if so desired.

Richard was the sole owner of the watch until he passed away last year. The watch has spent most of its life in Australia where it was used on occasional scuba diving expeditions and, I understand, was last serviced by an authorised agent in Melbourne.

Prior to his passing, he gave the watch to me and I have been wearing it since. Wearing the watch continuously, it loses a mere 3 seconds over a 24 hour period. It says a lot for such a timepiece that it still performs within chronometer specifications at fifty years old of age!"

Besides this awesome description, the brother of the original owner also provided diving logs. Where he added: "You can see where in 1982 and 1983 he went diving off the coast of NSW and Queensland.

He swam to a depth of 70feet and saw sharks and all sorts of fish. If you look through the books you will see the places, eg., Rushcutters Bay in NSW and you can see pictures of this in Google Maps.

Throughout his time in Australia, he lived in Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns."



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