Rolex Submariner 5513 ‘Maxi MK1’

It’s almost boring that we always sell pieces that are in mint condition. That’s why we’re happy that we can also bring you a watch that was originally bought by someone who definitely didn’t bought it as an investment.

A perfectly functioning Rolex Submariner 5513 that looks like it was driven over by a truck. The watch dates back to the year 1978, is made out of stainless steel and runs on caliber 1520. Underneath the plexy glass we’ll find the ‘MKI Maxi dial’ that has some minor imperfections and misses some tritium on some of the plots. Hate it or love it but you can’t deny that this watch has character and will stand out between all the perfect looking 5513’s around.

Despite its ragged looks, this piece comes with its original ‘93150’ bracelet with ‘580-stamped’ end-links that only has some minor stretch. Imperfection makes perfect.

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