Rolex Tru-Beat 6556

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♫Won't you help me Doctor Beat?Doc, doc, doc, doc, Doc Tru-Beat. ♫We’re thrilled to bring you this Rolex Tru-Beat carrying reference 6556.

This awesome and rare piece dates back to the year 1955 and was made to help doctors measure hart beat. The watch’s name comes from true beat, which is also known as dead beats or dead seconds. Thanks to the legendary caliber 1040, the one that terrifies every watchmaker due to its complexity, this watch doesn’t have the famous sweeping seconds. As a matter of fact, this watch ticks like a quartz, which makes it easier for doctors to precisely measure a patient's hart beat.

People in the '50s weren’t convinced by the Tru-Beat’s ticking seconds and as a result sales were disappointing, and Rolex stopped the production after 5 years. Due to the lack of spare parts, many of the 1040 calibers were replaced by caliber 1030. This makes it very hard to find an all-original, ticking Rolex Tru-Beat nowadays. The watch is made out of stainless steel and comes with its original riveted Oyster bracelet. Under the plexy crystal we’ll find the radium cross-hair dial with radium plots.


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