Rolex Turn-O-Graph 6202


The reference 6202 was launched in 1953 and its introduction made it a very important year. Not only for Rolex but for the entire world of horology. 

In case you were wondering why. Well, the 6202 became the blueprint of what would later become the Rolex Submariner and it formed a great inspiration (maybe even the foundation) for the designs of all other Rolex – and even non-Rolex – sports – and even non-sports – models. The Turn-O-Graph is seen as the watch that started it all, that created the different categories of watches. It’s the alpha model, an historical artifact, a game changer and for many aficionados, the ultimate grail watch.

The watch has a rotable bezel – eventhough, it’s not the first one as this is the Rolex Zerographe introduced in the ’30s – with a full gradation and the classic, red triangle. The stainless steel case, of which it can easily be seen that it is a prototype design of the Submariner, measures 36 mm, which makes it a smaller tool watch (like the first Submariner references). The watch comes on a stainless steel Jubilee bracelet from the USA, which is better known as the coffee bean bracelet. It has a ‘Swiss Only’ gilt dial of which the radium has affected the lacquer. Accordingly, the dial has discoloured to a greyish, grainy colour. The watch has a brevet crown, which is a crown with a ‘+’ below the Rolex logo. A fun fact: the entire movement is gold plated.

One year later, the watch got discontinued making it not only historically very important but also very rare and highly collectible.

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